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How do I determine the right ski length?

Looking for a pair of skis, but no idea which length ski is right for you? No worries! In this video our advisor Rowen helps you to make the right choice.

One of the characteristics of skis that you should take into account when choosing new skis is the length of the slats. In this article we explain how you can theoretically determine what the right ski length is for you.

When determining the ski length it is important that you first find out which type of ski suits your style of skiing and the terrain you are skiing on. There is a basic method for determining ski length, but for some specific categories (such as race and freeride skis) different rules apply. On our page about ski categories you will find more information about the different types of skis and ski styles. Once you have selected the right type and model of ski, the next step is to determine the length.

The basic length

The basic length of skis is 10-15 cm shorter than your height. If you are 1.80 m tall, the base length of your skis is between 1.65 and 1.70 m. In practice this means that if you place the skis in front of you in an upright position, they will be approximately at the level of your nose and eyes.

Fast or heavy skiers

Do you like high speeds, are you considerably heavier than the average weight for your height or do you ski a lot in deep snow? Then choose skis which are 5-15 cm longer than the base length. If you place the skis upright in front of you, the height will be between your eyes and your height.


If you are a beginner or are not yet technically very skilled, if you ski quietly or if you want to turn very easily, choose skis which are shorter than the base length. In these cases 20-25 cm under the body length is fine.


A longer ski therefore offers stability and speed, while a shorter ski for beginners gives a feeling of control when turning at lower speeds. A skier who skis at high speeds with good technique will experience less control with a short length.

The information in this article is intended as a guide, but in the end your personal preferences are of course decisive. That is why we recommend trying out a number of different models and lengths when buying new skis. Then you can be sure which ski really suits you. In our test centers in Zoetermeer and Landgraaf you can try out skis and snowboards before you buy. Our advisors are also there to help you find the perfect materials!