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Women's Ski Boots

Women's ski boots are one of the most important pieces of skiing equipment, as skiing with pain in your feet is not an option. Since every type of foot is different, we've got the right solution for every foot and can adjust the ski boot to every foot.

If you come to 1 of our stores to buy the ski boots, you can always try the boots on under the guidance of one of our advisors. Likewise, we'd love to help you decide which ski boots suit you the most when you're shopping online.

What size ski boots do I need?

Because ski boots transmit your power and movement as precisely and precisely as possible to the skis, it is essential that they fit well. The right size is determined by:

  1. If you stand forward in your ski boots, in vorlage, then your toes should be 'free' from the front of the inner shoe.
  2. If you stand upright in your ski boots then you should be able to feel the front of the boot with your toes.

If the ski boots are too big, your foot will try to squeeze into the boot to transmit power. This can cause cramps and tired feet. So, if possible, always try on different sizes of the same ski shoe to find the most suitable size.