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✔ Livré dans 1-3 jours ouvrables ✔ Retours dans les 14 jours et toujours remboursement ✔ Spécialiste du ski et du snowboard depuis 1955

Stöckli skis

Since 1935, Stöckli has been making innovative skis with a great focus on quality. Stöckli skis are built from materials such as wood, bamboo or carbon fibre, and are mainly handmade in Switzerland. Stöckli is mainly known for its race segment for the sporty skier, but they also have models in the collection for skiers who like quiet turns and do not go down the mountain at top speed all day. In short, quality skis for every skier.

History of Stöckli

In the mid 1930s, Josef Stöckli made wooden skis for his own use. After more and more of his friends ordered skis from him, he decided to found the ski brand Stöckli AG in 1935. Today Stöckli runs the only ski factory in Switzerland.

Josef Stöckli was quite inventive from the start. When he was making his first pair of skis, he was already thinking about how to reduce the weight, so he made the surface of the ski wavy. In 1945, he made his first pair of skis from laminated wood, combining walnut and ash with bolted steel edges. He was the first in 1957 to make metal skis, based on an idea by Head. In 1965, Stöckli then made the first skis out of plastic joints. Fun fact: Josef Stöckli only sold skis he had tested himself.

Today Stöckli Swiss Sports AG sells more than 60,000 pairs of skis every year. Using a combination of state-of-the-art computer numerical control (CNC) milling machines and manual finishing, 80 employees build today's high-tech ski products.