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Women's Socks

Socks come in different levels of thickness and height. Since every foot and shoe is different, there's a different kind of sock for every woman. The socks from Falke, Burton, Eivy and Stance are seamless and have different shapes for the left and right sock, which makes them more comfortable to wear.

Your foot will make direct contact with your boots, because the socks have pressure points in different spots. Because of that direct contact, you will be able to perform to your full capacity, and you won''t have tired feet at the end of the day.

Warm merino wool winter sports socks

Winter sports socks are made of different materials. Especially Lycra and Merino give specific properties to winter sports socks. Winter sports socks with Merino wool are warm and, contrary to what many people think, do not itch. Due to the use of Merino wool these socks often stay smelling 'fresh' for a very long time. Winter sports socks with Lycra are elastic and fit well around the foot.

Seamless winter sports socks

Winter sports socks on the more expensive segment, are often seamless and have a different fit left-right. These socks have a different fit left-right, therefore they are more comfortable to wear.

Tight winter sports socks

Winter sports socks with a tight, not too thick left-right fit, connect well to the feet and will not go loose. This increases the control on the ski and prevents painful pressure spots. Many winter sports socks are thicker on the traditional pressure points (shins, heels and toes) and thinner on the calves and on top of the foot. Women's winter sports socks are socks that are specially designed for the female foot and calf, usually available in smaller sizes than unisex socks. These socks also tend to be warmer thanks to extra insulation.