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Duijvestein Bootmasters presents the 3D-footscan

This is how we find the perfect shoe for your feet

We have been making custom-made shoes since 1955. Throughout those years, we have continued to improve our techniques and keep up with the latest developments. For example, we have introduced a 3D-foot scan in our shops in The Hague, Landgraaf and Zoetermeer and in the Mount by Duijvestein shops in Amsterdam, Rucphen and Terneuzen. With this, we combine our knowledge with a digital scan. The 3D scan enables us to make a very extensive analysis of your feet. The scanner measures your feet to the millimetre, from your big toe to your calf. Based on this scan, we can determine exactly which shoe will best fit your foot shape. And if the standard shape of the shoe does not match your foot shape well enough, we will adapt the inner and outer shoe to your wishes.

How does the 3D-foot scan work exactly?

You put on two brightly coloured socks, one yellow and one green, which come up to your knees. The socks have a grid pattern, which ensures that your feet and lower legs can be accurately portrayed. On the device, you fill in details such as your age, height and weight. Finally, you also enter your e-mail address so that you can receive the scan in your inbox.
Once all the data has been entered, the 3D scan can begin! With a bright light on, the camera rotates 360 degrees around your feet. In just a few moments, the scan is complete and you can see your feet and lower legs on the screen. The size of your foot is measured in centimetres - to the nearest millimetre. The combination of the 3D scan and our knowledge means that out of the 90 models of shoes that we have in stock, we only need to try on 3 models instead of 8. Measuring is knowing!

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Jeroen, advisor ski/snowboard department:

What I like about working with the 3D scan is that the customer can see for himself on the 3D scan why a certain width of shoe would fit or not. We also see the places where we can expect pressure points. Based on the scan, we can have two or three shoes fitted and then the right choice is made. It is a completely different way of buying ski boots.

We make the ski boot fit your foot optimally

The next step is to look at the remaining pressure points in the inner shoe. Nowadays almost all shoes (ski and snowboard) have a heatable inner shoe. We heat this with a hair dryer, which usually takes 5 to 10 minutes. By standing with your feet in the heated shoe, the inner shoe is shaped to your feet, thus reducing the pinching areas in the shoe. If this is not enough, we have several techniques that we apply to make the shoes fit better. A few millimetres can make a big difference in how your foot fits in the shoe. 

So far, we can customize a snowboard boot. The ski boot can be modified one step further and shapen/shaped to your feet. This is usually done after you have used your shoes once on a winter holiday. After a week of winter sports you can better understand what you might want to adjust to your shoes. For example more control on your skis, or a bottleneck somewhere. The outer layer of the ski shoe, also called the outer shell, can be heated completely in an oven. By heating the outer shell, it can become 8 to 11 millimetres wider. After the boot has been in the oven, the inner shoe is inserted and with the pressure of your own feet you push the boot, as it were, into the optimal position. The customshell holds the shape and stays in the position of your own feet. With a sporty shoe, which usually has a thick outer shell, we can even shape the inside here and there for even more control at high speeds. 

Come to our shops for tailored advice

Do you want to be sure that your shoes won't get in the way of your fun on the slopes? Visit our shops in Zoetermeer, The Hague or Landgraaf and the Mount by Duijvestein shops in Amsterdam, Rucphen and Terneuzen for a scan and customised advice from our Bootmasters. Watch the video to get an impression of how the scan is made.