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Burton Felix Step On

490,00 €

Burton Felix Step On Soft

490,00 €

Burton Felix Step On Wide

490,00 €

Burton Ion Step On

550,00 €

Burton Limelight Step On

370,00 €

Burton Photon Step On

490,00 €

Burton Photon Step On Soft

490,00 €

Burton Photon Step On Wide

490,00 €

Burton Ruler Step On

370,00 €

Burton Zipline Step On

220,00 €


Burton Mens Step On Re:Flex

330,00 €

Burton Step On Escapade Re:Flex

420,00 €

Burton Step On Genesis Re:Flex

420,00 €

Burton Step On X Re:Flex

480,00 €

Burton Womens Step On Re:Flex

330,00 €

The new Burton Step On® collection

The moment almost every snowboarder has been waiting for... The new Burton Step On® collection is here! The bindings system has been popular since its launch in 2017. We're fans too, because the smart and handy bindings make snowboarding so much easier!

The Burton Step On® collection is now available in our shops in LandgraafZoetermeerDen HaagRucphenTerneuzen and Spaarnwoude and of course in our webshop.

FAQ Burton Step On®

Burton Step On bindings feature the Re:Flex mounting system, which is compatible with The Channel® and 2x4 hole pattern boards. This also means that Step On bindings are compatible with 3D hole pattern snowboards with the correct 3D-specific disc.
Yes! Step On works great in powder. As with any binding, when riding powder you'll need to brush snow out of your binding footbed when stepping on. If you're in really deep snow, you'll need to use your board to pack down the snow a bit and make a nice spot to get locked in.
Yes! Burton Step On bindings and boots deliver consistent results across the entire mountain, from groomers to sidecountry to park laps and urban features.
Yes, Burton Step On bindings are engineered in specific sizes to match specific size ranges of Burton Step On boots. To make things simpler, Step On boot and binding boxes are color-coded to ensure compatibility when shopping in-store.
To change the footbed size of your Step On bindings, pop up the two tabs on the seam of the footbed (near the heel) using your fingers or a flathead screwdriver. Once the tabs have been released, fold back the footbed to reveal the Gas Pedal setting options, which are numbered for different sizes of boots. Slide the entire footbed forward or backward and snap the pad back into position.
Yes, all of Step On bindings feature adjustable forward lean. To increase or decrease your forward lean, look on the inside of the binding highback and locate the forward lean screws. Tighten the screws (clockwise) to increase forward lean; pay attention to the forward lean markers (F1, F2, F3) to determine your proper setting. Note that as you increase forward lean you will see the gap between the highback and the heel cup get bigger; this is normal.
Listen for all three clicks (at least one heel cleat click and two toe cleat clicks). Keep wiggling your foot side-to-side until you’re fully clicked.
Stepping out is as easy as stepping on (maybe even easier). Simply pull up on the lever located on the outside of the Burton Step On binding heelcup and lift your heel up while twisting it slightly. Avoid lifting your foot straight up as that can cause the toe hooks to stay engaged. Also, there is no need to hold the lever up as the instant it is activated the buckle disengages. Simply lift it and let it go, then step out.
Yes! Burton Step On snowboard boots are constructed from the same materials and use the same liners as the rest of Burton’s snowboard boot line. This means that Step On boots will fit and feel the same as a traditional snowboard boot.
Yes, this noise is normal and not an indication of a defect. This clicking noise is the result of minor friction between the toe cleats and the toe hooks. An easy solution for this issue is to apply a small amount of lubricant (like a rub-on wax) directly to the toe cradle, just above the toe cleat.